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Early permanence

Early permanence gives prospective adopters the opportunity to parent a baby or child during the early weeks and months of their lives. It offers a child love and stability when they need it most - supporting them through key stages of their development.

Some of the babies and children in our care are likely to need adopting because there is a high probability of them not being able to return to their birth families. Whilst a significant number of these children will go on to be adopted, there is still a chance they could be reunited with their birth relatives.

There are two types of early permanence plans:

Concurrent placements – designed to give babies and children under two years old a better start in life. The young children are usually placed with concurrent carers in a fostering arrangement from birth or soon after, whilst the court decides on their future.

Fostering for Adoption – this is similar to concurrency, but for children of any age including babies. Approved adopters become temporary foster carers for the child or children and they stay together whilst the court decides on their future.

Thinking about adoption?

If you're thinking about adoption, then you can find out more at one of our information events.

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